Fax Server

Reliable fax transport today while delivering a secure document delivery!

While some parts of the world still offer traditional POTS (plain old telephone service) lines, there is an accelerating trend to move subscribers to IP-based networks or even decommission POTS lines.

The popular alternative of fax-over-IP/SIP/T.38 can sometimes work; however, this solution in general often struggles to send even small fax jobs reliably. High failure rates, trouble with larger documents, changes in IP protocols, and more are the norm with this fax delivery methodology.

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Hiscall can provide you with a solution for your faxing needs in this ever-changing IT landscape.

Fax transmissions over a telecom network still represent the preferred method of securely transmitting sensitive information. Fax is a simple, compliant way of sending and receiving data through its point-to-point nature, time stamp, and delivery confirmation.

Documents that contain Patient Health Information (PHI) represent a large percentage of documents faxed today as HIPAA requires this information is transmitted securely. Legal documents, contracts, purchase orders, and invoices are also heavily faxed because of the secure nature of fax transmission.

In a time when POTS lines have rising costs and less availability, and other methods of fax transport also have their challenges, Hiscall partners with manufacturers who leverage the Internet to manage all business-critical fax communications.

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